Vitamin D3 5000 IU In Organic Coconut Oil 396ct FAST SHIPPING

Vitamin D3 5000 IU In Organic Coconut Oil 396ct FAST SHIPPING

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Capsules Gluten Free Made Organic Coconut Oil Non GMO Certified May Support Immune Function Strong Bone Health High Potency Cholecalciferol Calcium Benefits 396 Capsules

Vitamin D3 is Actually a Hormone

Without sunshine or a source of ultraviolet light – or in people with very dark skin – Vitamin D production is significantly impaired.  Vitamin D3, in the form of cholecalciferol, is actually manufactured in the skin when ultraviolet light interacts with the enzyme 7-dehydrocholesterol to form it. From here, the liver and kidneys take over converting Vitamin D3 into the major circulating, active forms of Vitamin D called 25-hydroxy cholecalciferol and 1,25-dihydroxy cholecalciferol.  It takes on the life of a steroid hormone and is then distributed throughout the body for several metabolic processes.

The Many Faces of Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is required by every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.  Due to its extensive distribution, its involvement in major metabolic processes goes without saying.  Some of the major functions carried out by Vitamin D3 is: adrenal gland health, age prevention and longevity, blood sugar regulation, bone metabolism, brain and nervous system development and function, digestion and nutrient absorption, fertility, hearing, vision, hair follicle health, cardiovascular health, immune system modulation, mood/mind/memory/and behavior, muscle and nerve health, pancreatic functioning, respiratory health, skin health, weight control, and blood pressure regulation.

Vitamin D3 is a Fat-Soluble Vitamin

Because Vitamin D3 is one of the body’s fat-soluble vitamins, Necessity Nutrition has maximized its absorption potential by combining the Vitamin D3 with organic coconut oil.  This allows the body to absorb the nutrient allowing it to reach the target tissues. This may help to absorb the nutrient allowing it to reach the target tissues.

Making Necessity Nutrition’s High Potency Vitamin D3 a part of your health and wellness regime is one of the most critical steps towards vitality and balance. 


  • THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN It is conservatively estimated that 70% of the population in United States and Canada are Vitamin D deficient. Every cell in the body has a receptor site for Vitamin D. The importance of having adequate amounts of this vital nutrient cannot be overemphasized as deficiencies can cause major problems in the body’s numerous tissues and organs. Necessity Nutrition’s high potency Vitamin D3 is an excellent way to ensure that you get adequate amounts of this essential nutrient.
  • THE LINK BETWEEN VITAMIN D3 AND CHOLESTEROL: Vitamin D synthesis takes place under the skin when the ultraviolet rays (UVB) hit the skin’s surface and combine with cholesterol. It is important to understand that low cholesterol levels created by statin drug therapy may actually create a Vitamin D3 deficiency leaving you susceptible to a host of serious, chronic disease conditions.
  • POTENT ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AGENT: Almost without exception, the higher the amount of systemic inflammation in the body, the lower the blood levels of Vitamin D. Research clearly demonstrates that as Vitamin D blood levels gradually increase through supplementation or an increase in sun exposure, the inflammatory markers decrease and clinical outcomes improve.
  • REGULATES THE METABOLISM OF CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS: In concert with the parathyroid glands located in the neck, Vitamin D assists with the gut’s absorption of calcium and helps to balance calcium with phosphorous in the arteries, bones, kidneys, and teeth.
  • UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 100% Money Back. Necessity Nutrition promises to do whatever it takes to ensure you are satisfied. Try our product and if you feel you have not received value for your money we will refund the full price. Customers always come first. Order Now. You have nothing to lose and your health to gain.

    I have been using this product since March and absolutely love it! I don't know why so many reviews are complaining that this can't be dissolved / mixed... Follow the instructions on the lid! But I also am able to mix this in with my peanut flour to make a chocolatey peanut butter. I also like it in Greek yogurt... I am noticing the vertical lines in my nails disappearing , so that's awesome! Also, my skin appears to not be as dry as it was...

    - Awesome product!

    I ABsolutely love this product!! I put it in my oatmeal at night and it doesn’t make me bloat like most protein powders do. It can be a little clumpy after mixing it but other than that, I would purchase this product again. The macros on the back are great and the company, overall, seems to be realiable. Thank you!

    - Great protein powder!

    Necessity Nutrition is out here hitting home runs! This bone broth is awesome! It came a couple days after i ordered it and i was amazed at how clean the bottle/ label looked. I felt the product working it's magic soon after taking it for the first time! If you're looking for a bone broth protein powder look not further!

    - 5 Stars! Great flavor! Necessity Nutrition is out here hitting home runs!

    I am picky when it comes to protein powder! And if I find a company that I love, I stick with it! So happy to have finally found a bone broth protein that gives back to the Earth (plants a tree with every purchase), is inexpensive, works efficiently and breaks up immediately with water!


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