2X Nootropic Focus Formula FAST SHIPPING

2X Nootropic Focus Formula

2X Nootropic Focus Formula FAST SHIPPING


Benefits of Key Ingredients:

✔️ Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Taking vitamin B3 daily can improve memory and may help you sleep better. Through synthesis, vitamin B3 converts to Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which is critical for creating memories, improve concentration and cognition. 
✔️ Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - Brain fog and poor memory are the most common warning signs that you’re deficient in vitamin B12. Overall 
✔️ Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - Brain fog and poor memory are the most common warning signs that you’re deficient in vitamin B12. Overall B12 helps to convert carbohydrates to glucose, as well as convert fatty acids into energy 
✔️ Bacopa Monierri Extract - Adaptogenic herbs assist the body by preventing the chemical and physically effects of stress. Bacopa Monnieri was first discovered in Ancient Ayurveda to boost memory, concentration and reduce stress 
✔️ Phosphatidylserine (PS) This phospholipid is found in all cells, especially the cell wall membranes, but declines as we age. It’s derived from plant sources to boost cognition, memory and increase focus 
✔️ Gingko Biloba Extract - The leaves of the Ginkgo tree have been used for thousands of years to increase mental awareness, reduce memory loss and is effective in reducing stress 
✔️ Rhodiola Rosea Extract -This herb grows at high altitudes in colder regions of the world and is also an adaptogen (aids in reducing stressful effects on the body). However, Rhodiola is known to stimulate energy, cognitive function while also reducing mood swings 
✔️ Dimethylethanolamine (DMAE L-Bitatrate) - DMAE also occurs naturally in the body and assists in boosting concentration, alertness and memory. Studies also show that supplementing with DMAE may improve mood 

  • BOOST MEMORY - The ingredients formulated in Focus Formula nourish the mind and brain to promote improved recall and memory retention - overall improving communication skills, memories and learning. Focus Formula is the perfect supplement to bring to work, school or competitions.
  • IMPROVE CONCENTRATION - Focus Formula was designed to with projects, performance and focusing on important daily tasks in mind. Focus Formula is a “Nootropic” which improves concentration, motivation and creativity when combined with a healthy lifestyle.
  • MOOD AND STRESS SUPPORT - Focus Formula contains herbs called ‘adaptogens’ which help the body to adapt to physical or emotional stress. By reducing stress, we improve and bring back balance to our mood, sleep and clarity.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY FORMULATED - These nootropic ingredients have been thoroughly studied and proven to support healthy brain function and mental performance. The formula includes ingredients such as Gingko Bilboa, Bacopa Monnieri, Rhodiola, Huperzine and many more.

I have been using this product since March and absolutely love it! I don't know why so many reviews are complaining that this can't be dissolved / mixed... Follow the instructions on the lid! But I also am able to mix this in with my peanut flour to make a chocolatey peanut butter. I also like it in Greek yogurt... I am noticing the vertical lines in my nails disappearing , so that's awesome! Also, my skin appears to not be as dry as it was...

- Awesome product!

I ABsolutely love this product!! I put it in my oatmeal at night and it doesn’t make me bloat like most protein powders do. It can be a little clumpy after mixing it but other than that, I would purchase this product again. The macros on the back are great and the company, overall, seems to be realiable. Thank you!

- Great protein powder!

Necessity Nutrition is out here hitting home runs! This bone broth is awesome! It came a couple days after i ordered it and i was amazed at how clean the bottle/ label looked. I felt the product working it's magic soon after taking it for the first time! If you're looking for a bone broth protein powder look not further!

- 5 Stars! Great flavor! Necessity Nutrition is out here hitting home runs!

I am picky when it comes to protein powder! And if I find a company that I love, I stick with it! So happy to have finally found a bone broth protein that gives back to the Earth (plants a tree with every purchase), is inexpensive, works efficiently and breaks up immediately with water!


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